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Batanes is the Philippines’ smallest province in terms of area and population.  It is
located in the northernmost frontier of the country.  It is a province composed of
three islands.  The farthest islet on the north is only 218 km from the southern tip
of Taiwan, while Basco, its capital located on the island of Batan, is 500 km. from
Manila, the country’s capital.
Asian Spirit is the sole provider of air
service in Batanes and it flies to and from
Batanes three times a week.  The people
travel to Manila to find the goods and
services that are scarce in Batanes:
medical services, technical and vocational
services, food, supplies, and commodities.  
However, due to the high cost of air
fare/freight, and the limited capacity of the
aircraft, only a few can afford to fly, and
only a limited variety of the most basic
needs could be transported to the islands.   

The Foundation also aims to bring the Ivatans (people of Batanes) access to their
needs not by traveling but by providing them means to become self-sufficient.  
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We are here because we care, we care because we love, and we love because of God.
The Love of Vicentica Foundation
distributes rice,  milk, and other goods to
poor families and individuals and provides
scholarships and financial assistance to
the needy.