Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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The mission of The Love of Vicentica Foundation is to serve the less fortunate
throughout the world by providing services that contribute to the vitality of the
community and improve quality of life.
1.        What is the mission of the Foundation?
3.        Are you a charity?
The Love of Vicentica Foundation is a non-profit charitable corporation organized
under the laws of California, USA.  It is a fully audited organization and has
501(c)(3) tax exempt status in the United States.
4.        Which projects do you support?  
The foundation supports any program for the needy particularly in the
Philippines, Haiti, and Kenya.  We coordinate with organizations who have had a
record of assisting the poor such as St. John Church in El Cerrito, California, the
Congregation of the Little Sisters of St. Therese in Haiti, and the Assumption
Sisters of Edloret, Kenya.   
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2.        What is the vision of the organization?
Our vision is that no one should die due to malnutrition.  Our organization will
give hope to the hopeless poor.  Those who are unemployed due to age and
disability will be given food assistance; and those who are unemployed due to
lack of education and training will be offered training jobs that will give them
the opportunity to become self-sufficient.  In summary, we provide food for
those who are physically and mentally incapable to work, and also  provide
material or financial assistance to the physically capable, talented and
committed individuals who are willing to learn and start a livelihood but are
suppressed by poverty.
We are here because we care, we care because we love, and we love because of God.
Vicentica is the founder's middle name or second name.  The name was given
her by a Dominican nun whose name was Antonina Vicentica.  She was in
Batanes that year when the founder was born.  The nun insisted that her name
be also attached to the founder's name.  Sr. Antonina Vicentica, is now 103
years old, currently living in Manila, Philippines. Although the name Vicentica
was in the founder's birth certificate, it was never used until 37 years later,
when the foundation was founded.
5.  Why is the foundation called Vicentica?