The Love of Vicentica Foundation Sends Support to
Victims of Typhoon Ferdie and Typhoon Matthew
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Two typhoons recently hit the foundation's beloved places:  Batanes and
Haiti.  Thanks to you - friends from California and Canada for your
contribution.  We are also grateful to those who contacted TLVF to ask how
they could help. As always, 100% of what you give goes to the poor and the

     Congratulatons to BNHS batch 1987 for a successful fund-raising! The
amount raised will be matched by The Love of Vicentica Foundation to help
the typhoon victims in Batanes.

 TLVF also sent boxes of canned goods and food supplies to Itbayat,
Batanes.  A big thanks to Fr. Rolly, who is willing to receive and distribute the
goods.   Hugs to LBC staff and their friends (below) who were present at LBC
Hercules when the boxes were finally sent for shipment.  

  Again, a heartfelt appreciation to all of you who reached out to our friends
who live in isolated places in their time of need. May God continue to bless
We are here because we care, we care because we love, and we love because of God.
All rights reserved.

   On the other hand, the congregation of the Little Sisters of St. Theres continues to seek help
as many of their mission houses on the southern part of Haiti have been damaged.  Many roads
are not passable so a new way of sending money have been devised.  TLVF continues to
support the congregation's feeding programs.  If you have questions on how to help Haiti,
please contact us