In March, 2007, she established a non-profit organization called The Love of
Vicentica Foundation.  It is her desire to get help from outside to expand these
projects in the Philippines, and to create training jobs, and increase the
employability of people with disability and no academic education.  It is also her
desire to extend help to the poor in other countries as well.

Today, the Love of Vicentica Foundation feeds around 300 people in Batanes which
includes people with disability and a group of Dominican missionary nuns.  A few
scholars have also graduated from courses like Commerce, Education, and
Information Technology.  

The foundation also sends dollars to Haiti to help the Little Sisters with their
operating expenses and to feed the 53 orphans that are in the custody of the
nuns.  The foundation also sends support to the Assumption Sisters of Eldoret in
Kenya to assist the displaced families in these times of tribal conflict.  

Cayetano invited the parishioners of the two churches to share the little and the
big that they have, for she believes that each of us always has something to give
to the needy.  She mentioned that God calls us to care for our needy brothers and
sisters not only when natural calamities destroy life and properties but also when
life is peaceful and quiet.  

With conviction, she ended all her talks by saying, “Great things happen where
there is great love.  It is love that makes us experience virtues and discover our
own values.  It is also love that makes us see the needs of others.”

Please visit this link to find out how you can help the less fortunate.
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The founder of The Love of Vicentica Foundation, Thalia Cayetano spoke to parishioners
in all the Masses in two churches in Northern California in August, 2008 -  St. John
Vianney in Walnut Creek on August 2 & 3, and St. John the Baptist in El Cerrito on
August 9 & 10.

Cayetano, a parishioner of St. John the Baptist in El Cerrito said that she witnessed and
experienced poverty at the same time.  She thinks that helping the poor has become
her mission out of passion, or it has become a passion because God gave her a mission.
Either way, she believes that God has called her to do her little share in helping the
poorest of the poor in the third world countries.
We are here because we care, we care because we love, and we love because of God.
Batanes islands, the smallest province of the Philippine Republic in terms of population
and land area is where Cayetano was born and raised.  The island is geographically
isolated from the rest of the country and the world.  It is often swept by strong
typhoons that destroy crops and livestock.  In her time, there was no electricity, no
radio, no television, or telecommu                   nication system.  She stressed,
however, that their isolation has                       taught them to put their full trust in

“The poorest of the poor are my                          family’s close friends.  We see life the
way they see it.   We laugh with                          them, eat with them, respect and love
them.  The poor help my family understand the difference between NEEDING and
WANTING.  They also help us recognize the existence of another kind of poverty which
is the spiritual poverty - a poverty               which, when satisfied, makes a person
feeling wealthy, peaceful, and joyful,”         she said.  

In 2001, she narrated that she had the      clearest vision of what God wanted her to do.
He wanted her to share the little that she  had.  From her little salary, she started to
regularly send a little amount to the            Philippines to feed the poorest of the poor
in Batanes.  Rice, milk, and other grocery     items were distributed to poor families.  
Assistance was also provided to some       students who could not afford college

When she met in her parish some nuns      from Haiti, she started to open her eyes to
the needs of the poor in other countries as well.    
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