The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance in identifying and handling
potential and actual conflict of interest involving the foundation.  

The officers and workers of the organization avoid conflicts of interest by
continuing to exercise sound judgment based on the foundation’s highest
commitment to integrity and honesty.  Officers,  or any worker or volunteer who
carries activities in the name of the Love of Vicentica Foundation are expected
to conduct their relationships with each other in the organization, and with
anyone outside the organization with humility, honesty, and objectivity.  
Officers, employees, or volunteers are obligated to avoid and disclose financial,
ethical, legal, or other conflicts of interest involving the foundation, and inhibit
themselves from a position of decision-making authority with respect to any
conflicting situation that involves the organization.

2.  Basic Definitions, Identification and Management of Conflicts of

A conflict of interest may occur if an activity influences or potentially influences
the ability of an individual to exercise objectivity or diminishes the individual’s
ability to perform his or her responsibilities in the best interests of the

An individual is considered to have a potential conflict of interest when:

•        He or she or any member of his or her family may receive a financial or
other significant benefit as a result of the individual’s position at the foundation;

•        The individual has the opportunity to influence the foundation’s granting,
or other business functions in a manner that leads to personal advantage; and

•        Fifty one percent (51%) of the board is compensated or considered
interested party.

The family of an individual in the above context includes his or her spouse,
children, siblings, parents, grandparents, and any other relative that resides in
the same household.

Interested party in the above context constitutes a board member's spouse,
children, siblings, parents, grandparents, and any other relative that resides in
the same house.  

The officer, worker, or volunteer involved in the conflict situation must seek
resolution by discussing the conflict issues with the Chief Executive Officer, or
with the management committee in a particular project, in the pursuit of
achieving the best interest for the foundation. Resolution may vary according to
the nature of the conflict.

3.        Gifts

The officers, workers, and volunteers of the foundation may not receive or offer
any gift of significant value for the purpose of influencing the decision or action
of the foundation or of the recipient.  Except those valued at $100 or less, gifts
received must be given to the foundation or shared with the foundation
generally, and if appropriate, must be acknowledged on behalf of the
foundation.  This  guideline does not intend to prohibit normal business practices
such as meetings over meals, giveaways given to participants in meetings,
workshops, or conferences, as long as they are of reasonable value and
promotes the foundation’ s legitimate business interests.  Those who believe
that a particular situation is an exemption to this policy should submit a written
justification to the Board of Trustees prior to accepting or giving the gift.

4.        Travel Costs

If an officer or worker has to travel to attend an event of which they were
invited, travel costs and expenses incurred must be borne by the individual or
the party inviting the individual and should not be paid or reimbursed by the

5.        Outside Commitments

Participating in any social or political activities is not restricted as long as the
individual participates as an individual and not as a representative of the

6.        Self-Benefit

One’s position, or relationship to the foundation must not be used to promote his
or her own, or family’s interests.

note:   The above description is a brief explanation of what the policy is all
about to emphasize it's importance to the organization.  Please see section 6 of
 bylaws for a complete description of the corporate's policy of conflict of
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