The mission of The Love of Vicentica Foundation had been alive even before its
founding.  Since 2002, the founder of this non-profit organization, in cooperation
with her family and friends, has regularly sent financial assistance to the needy
in Batanes, Philippines.  
Scholarships was granted to selected students, financial aid provided to a few,
and rice and milk distributed to the poorest of the poor.  Eventually, the goal
became the expansion of the scope of these services and increase the number
of recipients.  
Our long-term goal is to create training jobs in Batanes to increase the
employability of people with disability and people with no academic education.  
Resource speakers, educators, trainers, and job coaches from the city of Manila
or from other countries will be sponsored by the Foundation to conduct
vocational-skills training in the areas of agriculture, arts, child care, printing,
plumbing, welding, metal working, landscaping, carpentry, travel and tourism,
Programs and Initiatives
The foundation will sponsor technical trainings from hardware maintenance to
aircraft maintenance. When Batanes became fully powered in the early 2000s,
there was an upsurge of power-driven equipment.  Buying electronic machines
from Manila is expensive in itself, but what is more challenging is to get them
repaired when they break, for the only way to get them maintained and
repaired is by transporting them to Manila via air or sea.
The foundation will shoulders all costs associated with the trainings including
capital for the trainees who want to start their own business.  Trainors’ travel
expense is also covered.  There is no land transportation that connects Batanes
to Manila but air transportation is available two to three times a week.  
The Love of Vicentica Foundation also extends its resources to the Congregation
of the Little Sisters of St. Therese in
Haiti - the poorest country in the Western
hemisphere, and works with other organizations that have programs that intend
to support health, education, and orphanage services.
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We are here because we care, we care because we love, and we love because of God.
Some of our existing  projects include the following:

  • Distribution of rice, milk and grocery items to indigents in Batanes,
  • Providing tuition fee assistance to college students in Batanes, Philippines;
  • Distributing grocery items to the Dominican missionaries in Batanes,
  • Paying monthly salaries to 40 teachers in one of the parish schools in Fond-
    Tortue, Haiti;
  • Providing monetary assistance to an orphanage in Petite Riviere, Haiti to
    feed 52 orphans;
  • Providing monetary assistance to students in the vocational school in Haiti;
  • Providing monetary assistance to 250 nuns belonging to the Congregation
    of The Little Sisters of St. Therese in Haiti; and
  • Providing assistance to any religious organization in a third world country
    that has a similar mission as The Love of Vicentica Foundation.